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Spouse and Children

What can I do to help my spouse and children not only survive church and ministry, but thrive in the midst of it? Read the responses


When Weakness Turns to Strength
Tony Cooke

When Weakness Turns to Strength by Tony CookeScripture is full of examples of people who acknowledged their need and their dependence upon God. As long as they remembered that God was their source, and the strength they received was for his glory, all went well. Paul is a great example of this. When Paul was troubled over a messenger of Satan (which he called a thorn in the flesh), he cried out to God for help. Paul had come to the end of himself, and there he found strength from God. As Christians we need not fear that God will condemn us or look down on us because of our weaknesses. On the contrary, Jesus empathizes with and offers us comfort and support. The Bible tells us that Jesus “understands our weaknesses, for he faced all of the same testings we do, yet he did not sin” (Hebrews 4:15, NLT). Read this article by Tony Cooke


Prayer for the Laborer
Lisa Cooke

Prayer for the Laborer by Lisa CookeAre you praying for an unsaved loved one, a prodigal, or someone who has lost their way in their Christianity? Have you ever prayed that a laborer would “cross their path,” speaking the needed wisdom into his or her life? I have prayed many times for laborers to have an influence in my loved ones’ lives, based on Matthew 9:38 that the Lord would send out laborers into His harvest. I believe these workers have a God-ordained assignment to minister to the ones God loves and desires to see come fully into their destiny in Him. Just recently though, I received some insight from the Holy Spirit concerning these laborers, that I should not only pray for their paths to cross with the one I’d been praying for, but that I should pray FOR those laborers personally. Read this article by Lisa Cooke


The Law of Faith
Bill Anzevino

The Law of Faith by Bill AnzevinoGod has provided us with an instruction manual for life’s situations called the Bible. Contained within the Bible are the spiritual laws of God. God’s spiritual laws are eternal, carry a higher level of authority, and surpass the earth’s physical laws. Sir Isaac Newton discovered the law of gravity in the 1600’s, but the law was there since the beginning of creation. Men saw that apples fell from the trees to the ground, but it took them thousands of years to discover why. Then men discovered the laws of lift and thrust that momentarily overcame the law of gravity, and the science of aeronautics was born. However, the law of lift and thrust were also there from the beginning just waiting to be discovered and understood by men. It is important to know that God’s spiritual laws always work within the perimeters of His will. If it isn’t God’s will, then we cannot apply His spiritual laws to make something happen. Knowing God’s will in a situation is vital. Read this article by Bill Anzevino


Ministerial Ethics

Diego Mesa

Ministerial Ethics by Diego MesaWhy are some churches seemingly more blessed, prosperous, and favored, or seem to experience more growth, increase, and health than others? Could it be related to ethics? Why do some churches initially thrive only to experience a decline in the future? Could it be related to ethics? Why do some churches last and some don’t? Could ethics possibly be the answer? Not too long ago, at least in my lifetime and I’m really old (not really), words like integrity, ethics, morality, excellence, protocol, character, and values were more than words used loosely, or in the dictionary, but they were a lifestyle. They were very personal. They were truths and spoke of righteousness. They were non-negotiables and essentials for living and doing; declarations people lived by. They were musts; the ‘got to’ and ‘have to’ for people. Read this article by Diego Mesa


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“In the view of our Lord and His apostles ‘Scripture says’ was equivalent to “God says.”
– B.B. Warfield

“My prayer is that when I die, all hell rejoices that I am out of the fight.”
– CS Lewis

“You live in His grace, you live by His grace, you work by His grace, you are fruitful by His grace, you are everything in His grace.”
– E Stanley Jones

“A problem occurs when people want the benefits of a relationship with God without the responsibilities of a relationship with God.”
– Jim Herring

“If God said it, he will do it. Don’t put a due date on something that has a due season. Our God is always faithful.
– Jonathan Del Turco