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Cleaning Up After a Guest Minister

I am a new pastor at a small church, and met an evangelist through a friend. I felt he would be a good fit for our church. After he came, I realized he was little more "over the top" than what I expected, and it seems that more damage may have been done that the good that was accomplished. How do I follow up with what I feel was a big mistake on my part? What can I do to "clean up" now, and also avoid such situations in the future? Read the responses

Is There Not a Cause?
Tony Cooke

Your AssignmentI recently had the thought, “ISIS has a purpose. Ebola has a purpose. Do believers have a purpose?” Clearly, ISIS and Ebola have a purpose to bring death and destruction, and both seem resolute and persistent in their endeavors. But what about believers? What about the church? Are we as resolute and persistent in our pursuits? They bring death, but we bring life. We have a holy calling to be salt and light in the world, and I believe that we should be the most determined, zealous, and purposeful people on earth. Read this article by Tony Cooke

Why Did You Make Me Like This?
Lisa Cooke

When we understand that all of our gifts come from the same Triune God, it produces a sense of spiritual equality with others that helps us get past the sin of comparison. We are able then to focus on doing our part and trust God to make our part effective for the benefit of the whole body of Christ. For me, this is a paradigm of spiritual maturity that I can embrace and work from. Read this article by LIsa Cooke 

Video Message: The Courage to Change
Jonathan Del Turco

Courage to ChangeJonathan Del Turco, the Pastor of International Family Church in North Reading, MA, recently hosted “Lead 2014.” He shared a powerful message about the journey of his church and ministry. Click here to enjoy the message.

You can also learn more about “Lead 2015” (October 7-9) by clicking here.

Pastor and Spouse: What Do You Do When the Pain Thresholds Don’t Match?
Gerald Brooks

Pain ThresholdsIf Geni and I are going to work together in ministry and stay together, first we must identify the areas that we bounce back differently. The Bible says that as husbands and wives, we dwell together according to knowledge. Who you marry determines more about your ministry than anything else. If you are single and called into ministry, you make decisions in light of a knowing call of God upon your life. You don’t have to compromise making that decision. So yes, you could marry someone, but are they going where you are going? Are they willing to do what God has called you to do? Your spouse will determine more about what you do than anything. Read this article by Gerald Brooks

Spiritual Surgery
Rick Renner

No matter how slowly or carefully Jesus proceeds in correcting His Church, the effects of judgment are always painful to some degree. Correction is inherently a painful process and often bitter to the taste, but Christ in His infinite mercy attempts to minimize pain. His sword is “sharp” (oxus) and doused in the anestheticof the Holy Spirit, which numbs the pain of these corrective procedures. Thus we see that the purpose of divine judgment is not to wound, but rather to cleanse, heal, and restore individuals who are being ravaged from within by a deadly spiritual infection. Read this article by Rick Renner

Law Enforcement Chaplaincy
Mark Clements

Law EnforcementI learned that law enforcement chaplaincy is generally like a two-sided coin, with one side being of service to men and women of law enforcement – local, county, state, and federal – and their support staff and family members, and the second side of the coin being victims of both crime and tragedy. The law enforcement chaplain is integrated as an official part of the police department and responds alongside of officers to assist individuals and their families that have been involved in emergency situations... Read this article by Mark Clements

How to Increase Year-End Giving with Tax-Saving Strategies
Mark Helland

2014-2015One thing that every non-profit organization has in common is the need for ongoing donations and the end of the calendar year presents a huge opportunity. Year end is a time for donors to realize that they need to take steps to reduce their taxes and one of the few good ways left in the tax code to do this is via charitable gifting. While cash donations are obviously the standard, there are a couple other strategies that deserve some attention. Read this article by Mark Helland

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