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Developing and Delegating

I’m curious how other pastors develop their leaders, and how they delegate responsibilities to others. I’d like to increase my proficiency in these areas, and would love to get insights from other pastors. Read the responses

April Video Greeting

Multiplication and Mobilization
Tony Cooke

Multiplication and Mobilization by Tony CookeAs spiritual leaders, what we facilitate (through empowering others) should exceed what we personally accomplish (by doing it our own self). If we multiply without mobilizing, we’ll have a lot of people, but they won’t be equipped to do anything. If we mobilize without multiplying, we’ll simply replace ourself with one person who simply carries on as we did. It’s great for a leader to train a successor, but God has called us to do more than that; we want to see many laborers raised up to carry on the work of God. Read this article by Tony Cooke

Think It Not Strange
Lisa Cooke

Think It Not Strange by Lisa CookeOne vital way our faith becomes firm is through what we know from God’s Word as the experience of His grace. The promised sufficiency of grace is the foundation for our faith to overcome when we find ourselves in a battle. His grace “firms up” our faith. Just as muscles “firm up” through exercise, through use, so does our faith as we use it in the midst of trials, tribulations, and afflictions, etc. We know this works in the natural and we know it works in the spiritual, and interestingly enough, the tendency to avoid exercise can be the same in both realms as well. Read this article by Lisa Cooke

Character, Calling, and Contribution (Part 2)
Jim Herring

Character, Calling, and ContributionThe world is comparison crazy! People compare almost every physical quality or material possession. I wish I could tell you the church is exempt from this wicked worldly attribute but unfortunately I can’t. We compare preachers, programs, facilities, congregational size, and the number of multi-site locations. Read this article by Jim Herring

The Fundamentals
Duane Hanson

The Fundamentals by Duane HansonUnless we hold fast to this truth concerning the Integrity of God’s Word, which is the primary foundation upon which all the other fundamentals rest, then religious leaders and immature believers have the ability to alter and redefine the meaning of any verse they dislike, or find disagreeable to their lifestyle. The Church has been dealing with a crisis of faith for some time now, and yet, adhering to these fundamentals would solve any questions that might arise due to our evolving moral culture. Read this article by Duane Hanson

Worship from a Missionary Perspective
Joe Purcell

Worship from a Missionary Perspective by Joe PurcellAs missionaries for over 25 years, my wife and I have experienced many kinds of worship styles in a variety of circumstances and situations, from the underground church of China, to Eskimo and Chukchi villages in Arctic Russia, to churches in modern cities in various parts of the world. Read this article by Joe Purcell

The Work Book: What We Do Matters to God
To Be Released in June – Pre-Order Your Copy Today

"The Work Book" by Tony Cooke

To Be Released in June: J. Oswald Sanders said, “It is a challenging thought, and one that should be closely observed by those who are preparing for a life of service to God, that our divine Lord spent six times as long working at the carpenter’s bench as He did in His world-shaking ministry. He did not shrink the hidden years of preparation. Preparatory years are important years. Jesus must be about His Father’s business and doing His Father’s will. If that will involved eighteen hidden, laborious, tedious years, He would not succumb to fleshly impatience, but would obey with delight.” Pre-order your copy today!

April Monthly Quotes

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“Some want just enough of God to escape their problem, but not enough of God to fulfill His purpose.”
– Tony Cooke

“Margin is a space between our load and our limits.”
– Richard A. Swenson

“Sometimes we get so comfortable with our security with Christ we forget about people’s eternity without Christ.”
– Chuck Ford

“A rest-less work style produces a restless person. We do not rest because our work is done; we rest because God commanded it and created us to have a need for it.”
– Gordon MacDonald

Regarding church leadership… “It’s not whether you can play the game; it’s whether you can play on the team.”
– Gerald Brooks