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Have you ever fallen into the trap of comparing yourself with other pastors? If so, what resulted? How did you learn to quit comparing yourself with other ministers and focus on being yourself and doing what God asks of you? Read the responses


Results in Three Areas

The assignment given to Tony Cooke Ministries is to strengthen churches and leaders. There are three main avenues by which we are seeking to accomplish this. Click on the graphic to see how this is happening. During this holiday season, please allow Lisa and me to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and say “Thank You!” for your prayers and support. Click the image on the right to enlarge the image.


Brazil Slide Show

Tony had the privilege of ministering in Recife and in Campina Grande, Brazil, from November 23 through December 4, 2017. He spoke at Rhema Brazil graduations in both locations (they have 102 campuses around the nation of Brazil), conducted a Qualified Conference in Recife, and spoke in three church services each in both locations. We thought you might enjoy seeing some of the pictures from his trip.



The Way in Our Manger
Lisa Cooke

The Way in Our Manger by Lisa CookeMy mother passed away last month, and as Christmas approaches, I’m filled with memories of her, of how she lived her life, and of how much she loved her children. One of my favorite memories is from my early childhood. My mother and father attended a Methodist church at the time, and at Christmas they always put a manger scene beneath our Christmas tree. My father made the wooden stall himself as he was an artist and loved working with wood. My mother would drive an hour to Indianapolis every Christmas season and buy one or two figurines to fill the manger scene with. But my mother did something very unusual when she purchased the baby Jesus. She bought three of them, one for each of her children. Our manger scene had Mary and Joseph, angels, cows and sheep, three wise men and a shepherd or two, and in the very center there were the three baby Jesus figurines lying in little beds of hay. I don’t know where she got that idea from—maybe it was just so the three of us wouldn’t fight over Jesus. Read this article by Lisa Cooke


Audio Interview: Sex, Power, and Abuse
With Dr. Dale Doty and Dr. Bill Berman of Christian Family Institute

Audio Interview: Sex, Power, and AbuseIn recent months, there has been an absolute explosion of allegations of sexual harassment and improper sexual conduct in the government, in media, and entertainment industries. What are we to make of all this? Two seasoned professional Christian counselors weigh in about what is happening in society at large, and what Christian leaders need to know to promote godly and ethical standards of conduct. Listen to the interview


Degrees of Syn: Partnerships that Matter
Tony Cooke

Degrees of Syn: Partnerships that Matter by Tony CookeIt is important in life and in ministry to know who is with you, and to what level or degree they are with you. Have you ever had someone that you thought was a committed friend, but later found out they really weren’t? What about a person you thought was a loyal church member or staff member, but they quickly proved otherwise? People can step away from a church or a staff for positive reasons and in a positive manner, but it is still important for teams to be cohesive and working toward a common purpose. The Greek prefix syn means with or together, and it is used in English in such words as synchronize, synergy, synonymous, synoptic, and even synagogue. It was one of Paul’s favorite prefixes—he used it more than fifty times to indicate teamwork and togetherness. When the New Testament uses the word fellow (as in fellow laborer or fellow worker), it is based on this Greek word syn. Read this article by Tony Cooke


An Excerpt from Snapshots of Faith
Gerald Brooks

An Excerpt from Snapshots of Faith by Gerald BrooksIf you will let faith work in you, it must be more than a problem solving method. It must change you as a person, and it must change your perspective. Have a faith bigger than if you get a new car. Have a faith bigger than if your plans are all fulfilled. Make your faith more about heaven, and more about what is yet to come. Make faith more about heaven than it is about earth. I see three types of faith taught in the New Testament.

Triumphant Faith – This faith causes us to triumph over death. This is where 90% of all teaching on faith is. Triumphant faith teaches us how to be victorious over our biggest problems.

Transformational Faith – Faith will change us as a person. Not everyone who wants to change a problem wants to change as a person. Transformational faith requires us to change.

Transcending Faith – Faith will change your whole perspective in life. You will begin to understand that your faith is bigger than this world. Transcending faith deals with the promise of God we have. What is the promise? Read this book excerpt by Gerald Brooks


A Practical, Functional Salvation: Not Just Two Events
Rodney Lloyd

A Practical, Functional Salvation: Not Just Two EventsMore than anything else Christianity is about the Father and His family—God and His people, the Church, and the richness of the life He has given us—love, joy, peace, patience, forgiveness, etc. It is about the omnipotent God and His unfailing, unflagging love, who worked for millennia to win back the height of His creation—humans. It is about Him through the sacrifice of Jesus bringing us into a purposeful life of destiny. It is about being raised up as sons and daughters, equipped to do God’s work (Ephesians 4:12 NLT). It is about the God-given mission the church has of being the vehicle of His kingdom to fulfill His Great Commission of making disciples of all the nations (people groups). We are carriers of His kingdom (His loving rule and dominion), even to the ends of the earth to influence others as His witnesses (Acts 1:6-8) through good works (Ephesians 2:8-10), being living sacrifices for Him (Romans 12:1,2). We are His instruments to be salt and light that others may know Him (Matthew 5:13-16). Read this article by Rodney Lloyd


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“If we are to better the future we must disturb the present.”
– Catherine Booth

“God is so pleased when he finds his heart beating in another.”
– Steve Hawthorne

“Most Christian ministries would like to send their recruits to Bible college for five years. I would like to send our recruits to hell for five minutes. That would do more than anything else to prepare them for a lifetime of compassionate ministry.”
– William Booth

“I went to India as a missionary to save England from spiritual collapse.”
– William Carey

“Whatever your heart clings to and confides in, that is really your God.”
– Martin Luther