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I’m a pastor who is endeavoring to balance church, marriage, family, work, etc. How accessible should I be? Should I be accessible 24/7 to everyone? Who should know my cell phone number? My house number? What is a healthy balance? I’d like to hear how other pastors manage their accessibility and make sure the people are properly cared for. Read the responses


Why I No Longer Believe in Food
Tony Cooke

Why I No Longer Believe in FoodIn the past I did, but I no longer believe in food. If you stop and think about it, there is no unity or agreement in the food industry, so how could food be true? All you have to do is drive down the street and you’ll see countless contradictions when it comes to food. One place has Italian food, another place offers Chinese food, while yet another place promotes Barbecue. If you keep driving, you’ll see pizza joints, fast food places, and Mexican restaurants, all of which claim to provide—you guessed it—food. What a confusing mess! Read this article by Tony Cooke


Through the Church
Lisa Cooke

Through the Church by Lisa CookeWe are admonished in Hebrews 10:25 not to forsake or neglect to meet together for the purpose of encouraging one another, to “stimulate one another to love and good deeds” as verse 24 says. Whether we realize it or not, the Body of Christ needs to assemble on a regular basis for its own health’s sake. Our local churches are a microcosm of the worldwide church of Christ, His Body. Our church services are an opportunity as a portion of the Body of Christ to witness of all that God has given to His Bride. Alexander MacLaren said “All spiritual creatures, be they ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ can only know God by the observation of His acts.” John Piper called the church “the cosmic showcase of God’s mercy.” Let us engage ourselves with this mission of being a testimony to all who may be listening, that Christ is the “power of God and the wisdom of God” (1 Corinthians 1:24). Read this article by Lisa Cooke


Building Relationships that Last
Norm Dubois

Building Relationships that LastIt seems most relationships in our society are not working well. You have most likely heard and know the statistics. I believe one of the greatest issues for believers is that we have defined our relationships on a contractual, or earthly level, but God defines them quite differently. He defines relationships based on covenant. To have “God-kind of results,” we have to re-define our relationships on a “God-kind of level.” In a contract, we protect our rights and limit our responsibilities. We want all the benefits of a covenant relationship, but expect to live a selfish lifestyle. Especially as Americans, we want to protect our rights. We have been trained to protect our rights. In covenant however, we give up our rights and pick up responsibilities. In a covenant, there should be sacrifice to the point of death to meet the needs of the other person. Read this article by Norm Dubois


Can You Have a Healing Service in Today’s American Church Culture?
Wyatt Brown

Healing Service in Today's American Church CultureMany friends and acquaintances of mine pastor and lead wonderful churches with multiple thousands in attendance every weekend. Many come from a similar background to me. The operation of the Holy Spirit and an atmosphere that incorporated healing was part of their experience with knowing God. They personally value God’s healing power and their struggle is to find a way to include that part of God’s plan into their church culture. Today’s American church culture does not lend itself to having a Healing Service on Sunday service meetings, nor does it lend itself to long, protracted services. But, healing the sick was a large part of Jesus’ ministry and purpose of His redemptive work on the Cross. Read this article by Wyatt Brown


There’s Power in Praise!
Aimee Flanders

Power in PraiseThere’s power in praise. Some would probably call this a cliché, but I don’t know of a statement that holds more truth. I think sometimes we forget that praise is more than just a part of our church services. Amazing things happen when we praise. We don’t just sing praise songs to give latecomers a chance to get to church before the preaching starts. When we praise God together in our services, there is an opportunity for supernatural things to happen. I say there is an opportunity because it doesn’t just happen simply because we are singing. When we praise in faith and expectancy, the atmosphere is prepared for God to move. Read this article by Aimee Flanders



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“If you are doing everything, you can’t be leading anything.”
– Ray Eppard

“People who are easily offended will never complete the course set before them. A jockey is going to get muddy. A doctor is going to get bloody. A landscaper is going to get dirty. A painter is going to get painted. And church leaders are going to deal with contentions. Grow up and get some thick skin if you want to be a church leader. Be like a smiling armadillo. Tough outside with a soft heart.”
– Andy White

“The greatest tragedy of life is not unanswered prayer, but unoffered prayer.”
– F.B. Meyer

“To preach plain and simply is a great art.”
– Martin Luther

“God is never my problem. The devil is rarely my problem. Sometimes others are my problem. Mostly I’m my problem.”
– Chuck Ford