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We asked pastors to send us any material (stories, illustrations, outlines, etc.) that could be helpful to other pastors relative to conducting funerals? Check out their great contributions! You’ll also have access to a link to all of our Funeral Resources.


Vulnerability and Leadership
Tony Cooke

Vulnerability and Leadership by Tony CookeLiving in this world involves risk. It cannot be avoided. Helen Keller said, “Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” A study of Scripture reveals that Jesus and Paul both understood the risks that were inherent in ministry and leadership, and that they wisely managed them. They knew when to take risk, but they also, at times, would take steps to guard and protect themselves. People get into trouble when they try to do what God has called someone else to do! J.B. Phillips renders Hebrews 11:29 like this: “By faith, the people walked through the Red Sea as though it were dry land, and the Egyptians who tried to do the same thing were drowned.” Wise risk (obeying God) was good for the Israelites, but the same external action was presumptuous and unwise for the Egyptians. Read this article by Tony Cooke


Let Your Requests Be Made Known
Lisa Cooke

Let Your Requests Be Made KnownPhilippians 4:6 (Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God) is a favored Bible verse for many of God’s children. To be told that we don’t have to worry, but can tell God what we need through prayer is indeed a holy kindness. I have spent many prayer hours telling God what I need and what I think others need. I have taken God at His word and have made my requests known to Him every day of my Christianity. As I was doing this very thing in my prayer time today, I found myself praying a flipped version of this: “Father, make Your requests known to me.” In a healthy relationship here on earth, the two parties have fairly equal give and take. Lopsided relationships where one person does all the taking and the other person does all the giving are not mutually fulfilling, especially to the person doing all the giving. Read this article by Lisa Cooke


Two Sides to Receiving From God 
Melanie Stone

Two Sides to Receiving from GodThere are two sides to receiving from God. In order to receive something, someone first has to give it. Therefore, there is a giving side, and there is a receiving side. I see the giving side as the grace side, and the receiving side as the faith side. One extraordinary concept about life and living is that God has chosen for us to experience life together. When it comes to our salvation, the grace side is the God side. The faith side is our side. God has chosen not to move on His own; He has chosen to move together with us. He has a part, and we have a part. On the grace side, God has already made the way for us to know Him and to receive from Him through what Christ accomplished at the cross. Faith is our part. Faith is not only our choice to believe in God, because even demons believe God exists and wants to bless, but faith is also our choice to respond to God’s love with a trusting surrender to His Lordship. Read this article by Melanie Stone


Preaching For Souls!
Marvin Yoder

Preaching for Souls by Marvin YoderIn a time when the world is growing worse in terms of evil, corruption, violence, and anti-Christian activity, there is a great need to stir the hearts of people with the message of the Gospel! Those in the Church need to be stirred with the evangelistic call to witness to their fellow man. Those outside the Church need to hear the Gospel preached so they can receive Christ as their Savior. Especially in North America many preachers seem to think that most people are evangelized. The common belief is that pretty much everyone in North America has heard the Gospel message. Perhaps that thought has come about because of the prevalence of preaching on television, radio, and the Internet. The US population has grown increasingly secular, with the Church influencing people less and less because of separation of church and state, prayer eliminated from schools, the Ten Commandments taken out of our courtrooms, and an increasing number of liberal seminaries causing churches to have less regard for the Bible and the power of God. Read this article by Marvin Yoder


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“The best interpreter of a book is its author. The Holy Ghost wrote the Scriptures. Go to him to get their meaning. You will not be misled.”
– Charles Spurgeon

“If you have nothing left but God, you have wealth beyond measure.”
– Stan Toler

“Sadly, thinking that I deserve heaven is a sure sign I have no understanding of the gospel.”
– Sinclair Ferguson

“When I say God, I mean Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”
– Gregory Nazianzus

“We must put more faith in what we do know about God than in what we don’t know about the future.”
– Christine Caine