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Better Funerals

It looks like I will be doing my first funeral as a pastor in the very near future. I’d love to hear from some seasoned pastors about what they’ve learned from their experiences in conducting funerals? How can I most effectively minister to the family and those in attendance. Are there some do’s and don’ts I should be aware of in conducting funerals? I’d also be interested in hearing the experiences of pastors who’ve had to do “difficult” funerals. Thanks for the tips and advice. Read the responses

May 2015 Video Report

Pants on Fire
Tony Cooke

Pants on FireLying used to be a slower process and more limited in scope. However, with social media, blogging, and Photoshop, the practice of deception has soared exponentially to new levels. Technology and the age of information have put dishonesty on steroids. Lies can now travel via Internet faster to contaminate and infect more people than ever before. Some appear to take glee in creating hoaxes simply to spread disinformation. Read this article by Tony Cooke

To Savor the Things of God
Lisa Cooke

To Savor the Things of GodHere’s where Peter made his mistake. He heard what Jesus was saying through a filter of his own expectations. We can all have an “expectation filter” that we process what we see, hear, and experience through, based on what we expect. In order to have a filter that serves the purposes of God, we must be aware of our expectations. Are they carnal, serving the flesh, or are they spiritual, serving the will of God? Read this article by Lisa Cooke

From “Living Together” to Married: How One Church Helped
Paul Foslien

Just MarriedLiving together outside of marriage? While I knew that this was going to be one of the main topics I addressed in this Question and Answer series, I also knew that I needed to do it in a way that was both non-condoning and non-condemning. I knew that attacking them would not help or change their circumstances, so instead we offered a solution. What is incredible about these couples is that as soon as we gave an opportunity to get things right they took it, regardless of if they knew it was wrong to live together beforehand, they made the right choice when given the chance. I decided to hold a shared wedding day for those that had been living together and wanted to get their lives right by getting married. Read this article by Paul Foslien

Character, Calling, and Contribution (Part 3)
Jim Herring

Character, Calling, and ContributionOften people don’t recognize the blessing their gifts can be. Once we moved into a new building and it needed a major facelift. A great man in the church was skilled to lay tile. He volunteered to help and made my office and other places in the church look great. God places gifts in different craftsmen in the church to bless them and the Kingdom of God. Painters, gardeners, graphic designers, administrators, web designers, plumbers, and HVAC people can be such a blessing to the Kingdom by using their gifts to advance the church. Read this article by Jim Herring

Reaching Out With Heaven
Pastor Terry Roberts

Coming Soon: HeavenTo understand God’s future plan for mankind, it is helpful to look back at Eden. God created magnificent surroundings for men and women in the garden. The weather was great, the vegetation was stunning, the animals were harmless, and it was a great place to live. In the same way that God created a land filled with life and bright colors and great smells, why wouldn’t that be part of our future? Notice also that Adam and Eve were to have a job in the garden. They weren’t created to sit around all day. Part of God’s nature is to expand his creation and rule. That will be part of our eternity with him as well. Read this article by Terry Roberts

The Work Book: What We Do Matters to God

"The Work Book" by Tony Cooke

One of the first things God did when He placed man into the Garden was to give him an even more specific assignment—a job. In Genesis 2:15, we read that God “took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it.” The word “tend” here literally means to work. It would seem that working is just one of the many ways that we were designed to fulfill God’s plan for our lives, and by which we are to glorify Him on the earth.

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“My call to the ministry was not a miraculous or supernatural something. On the contrary it was an inner urge calling me to serve humanity.”
– Martin Luther King Jr.

“Men come and go; leaders, teachers, thinkers speak and work for a season, and then fall silent and impotent. He abides. They die, but He lives. They are lights kindled, and, therefore, sooner or later quenched; but He is the true light from which they draw all their brightness, and He shines for evermore.”
– Alexander MacLaren

“Don’t get so obsessed with your immediate need that you miss discovering your eternal purpose. It’s not just about our needs being met; it’s about His purpose being fulfilled.”
– Tony Cooke

“Where Christ’s Spirit is, it will bring men from their altitudes and excellencies, and make them to stoop to serve the church, and account it an honor to be an instrument to do good.”
– Richard Sibbes

“You may hate your work, but do it like you love God.”
– Gerald Brooks