Tony Cooke Ministries Meeting Reports
Archives 2002—2003

Tony’s Travelogue from Norway, Russia, and Latvia – July, 2002

Tony’s Travelogue from Turkey – September 2002

Hope for the Holidays

Throughout the month of December, Tony has been sharing a message in churches entitled, “Hope for the Holidays.” While the world has much “hype” to offer during this season of the year, the Word of God gives us true hope!

“‘Tis the season to be jolly” may sound good in the song, but it’s really not the case for many people. If many people were to re-write this song based on their own experience, it’s the season to be busy, stressed out, lonely, grouchy, tired, or frantic.

This is a time of year that a lot of people really experience special challenges…

• holiday stress
• holiday depression
• holiday grief.

Stress – The tension that occurs when there is a build-up of obligations, requirements, expectations, demands, pressures, and deadlines.

Depression – Can occur when things don’t measure up, fall short, and are disappointing.

Grief – Occurs when you’ve experienced a significant loss – someone meaningful is not with you and you miss them.

People seem to have additional challenges during this time of year for several reasons. Among them are:

• Unrealistic and romanticized expectations
• Stressed about someone you are going to be with over the holidays?
• Missing someone that you won’t be able to be with during the holidays?
• Financial pressure?
• Negative Memories of Holidays Past
• The overall hectic-ness of the holidays

You can see a list of 25 suggestions Tony gave for managing stress, the blues, and grief during the Holidays by Clicking Here.

Jamaica Trip

Tony just completed a trip to Jamaica where he taught at the Faith Assembly Ministries Leadership Conference in Mandeville (October 1-3), and at Christ Alive Christian Center in Kingston on Sunday, October 5. Pictured with Tony are: Pastor Dean Brown, from Christ Alive Christian Center in Bronx, New York – Bishop S.C. Gutzmer of the Faith Assembly Ministries in Mandeville – and Pastor Winston Watson, of Christ Alive Christian Center in Kingston, Jamaica.

RMAI Ministers
Kentucky & Tennessee

Tony had the privilege of spending two days (September 8-9) with RMAI ministers from Kentucky and Tennessee. They are great folks who are doing a wonderful work for the Lord!

August 20-29

Tony had the privilege of returning to Moscow (August 20-29) to minister at Good News Church of Moscow (Pastor Rick Renner) and at the Good News Ministers’ Association Meeting. Pastors came from across western Russia, many of them traveling long distances to be at the meetings. Tony was very pleased to have two of his friends, Tom Winters (a Tulsa attorney) and Jim Herring (a pastor from Ft. Worth) travel with him. The following pictures help tell the story of this trip.

Hotel Russia, where Tony stayed, overlooks the Kremlin and Red Square. The view from the room was stunning!

Good News Church of Moscow is a thriving congregation of believers. Tony enjoyed ministering at this church on both Friday and Sunday.

In the meetings for the pastors, Tony joined Rick and Denise Renner in ministering. Shekinah Glory (Cindy Duvall and Ray & Lois Taucher) also ministered in these meetings. Rick and Denise are doing a fabulous job in Russia. Not only are they pastoring a great church in Moscow and heading up an outstanding association of ministers, but they are also ministering extensively across Russia via television.

The pastors who came to the conference were very eager to receive the Word of God. Tony taught on leadership skills for pastors. Some of the topics included:

* Processing the Call of God on Your Life
* The Formation of “Vision” in the Life of a Pastor
* Communicating Vision
* Developing Other Leaders

Pastors Jeff and Beth Jones
Kalamazoo Valley Family Church
Portage, MI
August 15 – 17, 2003
Thanks Tony for a great weekend. The insights you shared with our leaders and with our staff were awesome. We appreciate your heart and the graceful way that you approach the ministry of God’s Word. We love you.

Phillips, Wisconsin
August 8 – 10, 2003
On Sunday, August 10, Tony ministered for Rick and Dana Yoder, pastors of Word of Life Family Church in Phillips, Wisconsin. On Saturday, Tony shared with a group of RHEMA Alumni and RMAI ministers (pictured above) who drove in from around the state.

Southern California
June 26 – July 6, 2003
Tony ministered in southern California (June 26 – July 6). In addition to speaking in seven churches, Tony also spoke at a gathering of pastors, and taught a helps seminar that involved workers and leaders from eight churches. On Tuesday, July 1, Tony and Pastor Mike Webb of Lake Forest, California, traveled to Tiajuana, Mexico. There Tony had the privilege of ministering to the congregation of Visión Familiar, pastored by Johnny Touzet and his wife, Veronica.

In the group picture above, Tony, Johnny, Veronica, and Mike are with the cell group leaders of Visión Familiar.

Pastor David Emigh
Word of Life Fellowship
Sand Springs, OK
June 8, 2003

“I wanted to say a big thank you for ministering at the church. It was really rich. I have heard several comments about how blessed people were. We had 2 testimonies Wednesday night of ladies that were healed when you had the Word of Knowledge. Lisa did a great job in ministry of song.”

Tony was a tremendous blessing to our church. He tackled a subject that is not easy to share on. He shared on the cross of Jesus and covered the true meaning of the cross and how that the cross opened the door for blessings to the Body of Christ. I loved the way he examined the depth of the cross and what it cost Jesus to reach us. He did a fine job.

Then in the next service he covered another aspect of the cross where he tied the believer into the cross. He shared on our commitment to the Lord and how we are called to crucify the flesh. It was a touching word, but it placed a demand on people to examine their lives and get things right in their relationship with God and others.

In a time that you do not hear a lot about this subject, Tony did an excellent job of presenting maturity to the Body and showed them how to reach it. It was refreshing to hear teaching with substance done in a way that was applicable and powerful.

RHEMA Brazil
June 20 – 24, 2003
Tony completed twelve hours of teaching at a conference for ministers in the nation of Brazil (June 20-23). The conference was hosted by Bud and Jan Wright, the directors of RHEMA Brazil and Verbo da Vida, and approximately 300 ministers and their spouses were in attendance. The theme for the conference was Graca Para Servir – Grace To Serve. Darren Wray, a fellow RHEMA grad who also ministers in Brazil interpreted for Tony during this conference.

Other ministers also taught at the conference in Brazil. Pictured here are the hosts, Bud and Jan Wright from Campina Grande, Brazil. Also pictured is David Larsson, originally from Sweden, but now based in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Simon Potter and his wife/interpreter, Adriana travel extensively throughout South America, Europe, Asia, and western Africa.

Longmont, Colorado
May 4, 2003

Pictured here are ministers that Tony and Lisa had the privilege of ministering to on Monday, May 5 in Longmont, Colorado. Hosting the meeting was Pastor Mario Latini and his wife, Stacy, of New Creation World Outreach Church.

Tony taught two sessions to the ministers and dealt with such subjects as leadership, relationships, and burnout. Tony quoted from a Pastor who was interviewed in the book Pastors at Greater Risk, “When my burnout was taking place, Howard Hendricks looked over his desk at me one day and said, ‘If you don’t do what you’re professing and teaching others to do, you’re a spiritual con artist.’ I think that as we continually give out when our inner reservoir is dry and empty, we become spiritual con artists as we call people to spiritual exercises that no longer matter much to us. It’s strong language, but that’s exactly what I was becoming as I talked to others about a full life in God while I was empty, dangerously empty.”

Tony also addressed the fact that while Pastors need to do what is necessary to be effective leaders, they can’t take all the blame when results in ministry aren’t perfect. The fact is that great leadership never produces maximum results unless great followership is in partnership with it.

Lisa shared a message with the ministers’ wives entitled, “Girls With a Grip on God’s Grace. Grace has been defined as “the power and desire given by God to follow the divine design.” She explained that serving God acceptably requires us to be grace-full (full of His grace). Nothing is harder than trying to serve God without the empowerment of His grace… His ability. You are where you are today because of His will and purpose. We know that God has given us grace when He called us to be ministers. Paul said in Ephesians 3:7-9: Whereof I was made a minister, according to the gift of the grace of God given unto me by the effectual working of His power. Unto me who am less than the least of all saints, is this grace given, that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ.

Manchester, England
April 11 – 13, 2003
Tony concluded ministering in Manchester, England at “Destiny Week” for Matt and Julie Beemer (April 11-13). Pictured here are a number of RHEMA graduates who attended some of the sessions. “Life Without Limits” was the theme for the conference, and God’s blessings and presence were very strong in all the services. In the day sessions, Tony taught on “Processing the Call of God on Your Life,” using Psalm 78:70-72 as a text. “Taking the Limits Off God” and “The Eye of Faith were the title of Tony’s messages in the evening. Tony ministered eight sessions in all.

During this conference, Pastor Beemer also made the exciting announcement about the launching of World Harvest Bible Training Center that will begin next Fall. The Beemers and their team (several of them are RHEMA graduates) are doing a great job!

On a personal note, Tony’s great-grandfather grew up in Manchester, England, and moved to the States in 1853.

Kahului, Hawaii
March 16 – 19, 2003
Tony and Lisa spent four days (March 16-19) with Pastors Wayne and Robin Hancock and the congregation of Rose of Sharon World Faith Center in Kahului, Hawaii. The Cookes conducted a marriage and family conference for this wonderful church on the island of Maui.

Tony shared Sunday morning how that all relationships face challenges. This is why Paul said, “.those who marry will have trouble in the flesh” (1 Cor. 7:28). The basic tendency of the flesh is selfishness. When you marry, you make a commitment to care for, to bless, and to give your life to another. If you do marriage right, you’re going to serve the other person and look out for the best interests of your spouse. Your flesh doesn’t like that. Your flesh wants to have everything its way. Good marriages don’t just happen – they require work. Billy Graham said that “good marriages are made on earth, not in heaven.” Good marriages are not based on the absence of conflict, but rather upon maturity and respect for your spouse in working through disagreements and challenges.

On Sunday evening, Lisa shared that the word “faithful” implies unswerving adherence to a person or thing or to the oath or promise by which a tie was contracted. All marriages require an unswerving adherence to the oath or promise that was made at the altar, and good spouses have an unswerving adherence to each other.

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
February 27 – March 2, 200
Tony and Lisa had the privilege of participating in a ministers conference in Monroeville, Pennsylvania with approximately 100 in attendance. The conference was hosted by Buck and Amy Schafer (top right), pastors of World Harvest Bible Church in Monroeville, just outside of Pittsburgh. Buck and Amy are standing next to Tony and Lisa in this picture. Sam Smucker (Sherlyn) also ministered, as did John Nuzzo (Michelle).

Tony taught one session on the subject of “Relevance without Compromise.” Martin Luther said, “Unless the gospel is preached with contemporary relevance it has not been preached.” The other session Tony conducted was on the subject of burnout.

Vinita, Oklahoma
February 9, 2003
Lisa and I ministered for Pastor and Mrs. Bruce Butler in Vinita, Oklahoma. Our daughter, Laura, assembled a worship team from ORU that did all of the worship and special music for the service. They did a great job, and it was a delight having our daughter minister with us!

Alberta, Canada
January 12 – 22, 2003
Tony completed a 10 day trip to Canada, during which he ministered 21 times. He spoke in a Bible school, church services, and also in an RMAI meeting. Joining Tony in this picture are other members of the RHEMA Ministerial Association who met together at the Canada Word of Faith Bible Training Center for a luncheon. Tony got a real taste of Canada as it was -13˚ Fahrenheit on the day he arrived in Edmonton.

Pastor Bill Anzevino
February 14-16, 2003
Industry, Pennsylvania
Christian Assembly

What a blessing it was to have Rev. Tony and Lisa Cooke with us February 14 – 16, 2003.The meetings were entitled “Maximum Impact Weekend,” and they ministered to the hearts of all who attended in a powerful and positive way. The teaching was anointed, relevant and practical, but what impacted us most was how inspiring, encouraging and refreshing Tony and Lisa are. Their humble and meek sprits spoke volumes to our lives and set an example for all to follow. I thank God for releasing Tony and Lisa Cooke to the body of Christ and encouraged all to benefit from their gifting by inviting them to minister to your hearts as they did to ours.

Pastor Bobby Marks
Cornerstone Bible Church
Dothan, AL
January 24-26, 2003

Without question, I highly recommend the ministry of Tony Cooke. Recently, Tony ministered at our church and was truly a blessing. He met with our church staff and shared truths from the word of God that encouraged and challenged them to fully support the vision of the church. He also met with our supportive role ministers and volunteers and taught on the importance of people working with the leadership of the church to achieve a common goal: that goal ultimately being the furtherance of the kingdom of God. On Sunday morning and Sunday night, he ministered a powerful message to our entire church family that was not only timely, but challenging. It was a weekend that impacted our church in a very positive way, it helped us to achieve a higher level of ministry and moved our congregation to the next level.

Pastor Steve Green Christ-Life Fellowship
Breton, Alberta, Canada
January 17-19, 2003

My wife Penny and I highly recommend the ministry of Pastor Tony Cooke. Pastor Tony was a great blessing and encouragement to our church and ourselves. He made a point of undergirding and strengthening the ministry here in Breton, Alberta. We appreciate his love, joy, humility and servant’s heart. He obviously loves serving the Lord and does it with gladness.

Pastor David Harbison A Glorious Church Fellowship
Belleville, Illinois
December 1, 2002

It was such an awesome blessing to have Tony Cooke minister in our church. The ability that he has to teach the word with tremendous simplicity and total accuracy makes it real easy for a pastor to just sit back and enjoy the ministry. What a blessing he was to both our church and my wife and I. I have had many guest speakers over the 11 years that I have pastored and without a doubt Tony Cooke has been the humblest that I have ever worked with. He is truly an asset to the body of Christ, and I recommend his ministry to everyone. I look forward to having him return.

Pastor Benjamin Swan
Monadnock Full Gospel Church
Rindge, New Hampshire
November 19-20, 2002

Through the years we have had many traveling ministries come minister at the church. We have always looked for the best – ministries that will make deposits in the lives of the people, not those simply looking to make withdrawals. The apostle Paul said to the church at Philippi: “For it is only right for me to feel this way about you all, because I have you in my heart.” Tony Cooke left an impression in the hearts of my people that he really is concerned for them and their well being.

Pastor David Marquard
Faith Christian Center
Seekonk, Massachusetts
November 17-18, 2002

We so enjoyed the ministry of Brother Tony in our church on November 17th-18th. The ministry of the Word was rich. Tony’s passion for the betterment of the saints was very obvious to us. The personal time spent with Brother Tony by both myself and my staff was appreciated very much. Any pastor who would have Brother Tony minister in their church
would be very happy that they did. A very positive impact has been left on our church, and it is clear to us that there are many positively impacted people in the wake of this ministry.

Pastor Mike Cameneti Canton Christian Fellowship
Canton, Ohio
November 17, 2002

We had Rev. Tony Cooke on Sunday November 17th. The teaching that came forth was incredible and right-on for our church. What a blessing to our church! But more then anything the valuable time spent alone with Tony was so awesome, Tony has great insight into Pastoral issues. Thanks again Tony for ministering to the church and to me!

Pastor Andy White
Word of Faith Family Church
Chandler, Arizona
October 23-25, 2002

It was really great to have you out to Arizona for our RMAI luncheons and to minister to our church. Your time here was a true blessing both to the pastors and to us personally. Your message of faithfulness hit the nail on the head and it was exactly what we needed to hear. There is something special about co-laborers. The longer I am in the ministry the more I appreciate those who have stood strong in integrity and spirit through the test of time. You’ve been through the battles that come to every minister but you have kept the fire burning. It was inspiring to each one of us and strengthened us. I am encouraged as I see the early direction of Tony Cooke Ministries and I am sure that our church will continue to receive long-term benefits from your timely messages and pastoral helps.

Pastor Tim Davidson Word of Faith Church and Outreach Center
Bismarck, North Dakota
October 6-9, 2002

It was a great pleasure having Tony Cooke with us for 5 services. His ministry to us was powerful and his words encouraged and equipped the saints. Tony saturated us with the Love of God.

Pastor Larry Mills
Labor of Love Ministries
Istanbul, Turkey
September 24-29, 2002

I return the “Thank you” a thousand times. I cannot express enough in words what a blessing you were to the body here in Istanbul. Every message in the conference was exactly what we needed here. Your message to the Students on the last day made a tremendous impact on every student. After our last guest left on Tuesday, Oct 1, I met with our staff and we had a prayer meeting together. I feel like I have a whole new staff. Seriously, they are like new people. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I pray you will be able to come again, and not wait too long. Many have already asked when you are coming back again. The Iranian church, along with their pastor were extremely blessed by your teaching. They also would love the opportunity to be taught by you again. They send their love and appreciation.

Pastor John Gryglewicz
New Life Bible Church
Orange City, Florida
September 11-14, 2002

We at New Life were fortunate to have Rev. Tony minister to us September 11th. He had a timely message, and dealt with issues we all face due to the 9/11 tragedy, mainly fear. One of our youth testified that what he learned he was able to apply at school where there were many fights breaking out.

After reading the other meeting reports, we saw that Tony has ministered in many different forums. We took advantage of his experience and had him minister at pastors meetings, other church meetings, and a men’s advance, in which he brought forth an anointed word.

Thank you Tony for coming to our area and helping us advance the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Mark Thomas
Heart of the Bay Christian Center
Hayward, California
August 23-25, 2002

Tony’s passion for the equipping of the saints was evidenced by his recent ministry engagement at our church, Heart of the Bay Christian Center in Hayward, California. During a Leadership Seminar, Tony ministered directly to the leaders in our church. His tremendous teaching gift is practical and uncomplicated, yet profound.

Having the pleasure of knowing Tony for over twenty years, I can say that he is an anointed, yet humble, minister of the Word of God, full of integrity and wisdom.

I am very confident that Tony will continue to be a rich blessing to the Body of Christ wherever he ministers.

Pastor Anthony Storino Abundant Grace Fellowswhip Church
Toms River, New Jersey
August 17-19, 2002

On August 17th, we had a church workers seminar that drew 175 people. Rev. Cooke ministered the practicality of serving Jesus in your work place in life and in your position at the church. His opening statement was, “I’m not here today because I was the Dean of Rhema, the associate Pastor of Rhema, the National Director for RMAI, or an instructor at Rhema. I’m here today because Jesus taught me how to clean a toilet bowl.” Through inspired teaching from God’s Word and illustration after illustration, Rev. Cooke clearly and effectively painted the picture of how to be a servant for Christ.

Rev. Cooke then ministered three times in our church on August 18-19. The impact of Rev. Cooke’s Ministry caused the mentality of our church members to view their positions in the church, whatever it is, as valuable and important. Rev. Cooke also inspired many people to rise up and be encouraged in where they are in their walk with the Lord as well as who they are in the sight of the Lord!

Pastor Tim Kutz
Victory Church
Bartlesville, Oklahoma
July 28-31, 2002

We had the privilege to have Rev. Tony & Lisa Cooke minister at our annual Family Campmeeting. What a great blessing it was to sit under this ministry. Tony and Lisa flowed so well together that it made it very easy for people to receive. Our church needed these meetings and God was faithful to give great unction for the purpose and the plan.

Tony’s way of presenting the truth is first bathed in the obvious spirit of meekness that is on Him. He is so open to the truths of God’s Word and growing in them, and at the same time speaks with such conviction and authority from a heart full of those truths. Secondly, his preaching/teaching is disarming to those who might have any objections to the focus of the Word, and it really aids in opening people’s hearts to the Spirit of God. Virtually everyone, from seasoned saint to new believer was impacted by these messages.

Many know Tony as a tremendous teacher and capable minister of the Word of God, but I can’t say enough about Lisa’s ministry here. The anointing of God was so evident as she played the piano and ministered in song. This aspect of the meetings was such a blessing. People are still speaking of the presence of the Lord that was here as she ministered.

Pastor Andrey Chebotarev:
Good News Church of Riga
Riga, Latvia
July 10-14, 2002

I want to say thank you to Tony Cooke for taking the time to come to our church in Riga, Latvia. Tony ministered on how to support the vision of the pastor. He also taught our congregation about the ministry of the Holy Spirit. I especially enjoyed the last evening, when he and I together prayed for the sick. It was good to see 10 people immediately acknowledge that they received a touch from God in their bodies. I was also thrilled with the message he taught the Pastor’s Association about stepping into any chaos in our ministries, to take charge, and to separate light from darkness. I want to say that our time with Tony Cooke was a wonderful experience.

Pastor Rick Renner Good News Church of Moscow
Moscow, Russia
July 7-8, 2002

Tony Cooke’s visit to Moscow was a life-giving event to our church. Not only did he speak a strong word in our Sunday services, but he dished up a rich spiritual meal for the pastors and leaders who attended our Leadership meeting while he was here in Moscow. I am personally very impacted by Tony and by the spirit that emanates from his life. His teaching is rich, practical, and so helpful, but knowing the man behind the message and the integrity of his life makes his words even more meaningful to me personally. I only pray that he will find it in his heart and schedule to come be with us again!

Pastor Åge M. Åleskjær
Oslo Christian Center
Oslo, Norway
July 2-5, 2002

It was a great blessing for us in Oslo, Norway to have Tone Cooke as one of the Speakers at our Annual CampMeeting!

Tony delivered a very encouraging message about finishing your course. The people here in Oslo appreciate his teaching very much! His message is building faith, and it is giving practical illustrations so people can apply it in their daily walk with God.

Tony Cooke flows very well in a setting like our CampMeeting, with several speakers from different nations. He walks in love, is easy to cooperate with, and lifts the atmosphere in a very positive way also in the fellowship between the services. We want to have him back to Norway as soon as possible!”

Pastor John Edwards
The Edge
Birmingham, Alabama
June 23, 2002

Rev. Tony and Lisa Cooke ministered at our church, The Edge, in Birmingham, Alabama on June 23rd. The Cookes first attended a staff dinner in our home in which they spent quality time answering all of our questions about ministry and the Kingdom of God. It was refreshing and exciting to have such anointed people right in our den! The entire staff was instantly transformed and experienced a new zest for ministry. Rev. Tony and Lisa treated each and every person with respect and kindness and never grew tired of our endless questions!

Sunday, Rev. Tony and Lisa ministered in three services through teaching the Word, through special music and a time of one-on-one ministry with the church members. They even did a marriage session which was outstanding! The anointing was so rich and powerful that it was a struggle to keep my composure, tears were in my eyes the whole time. The teaching was so uplifting and full of revelation and hope. There is a genuine love that flows from this man and woman of God that is so incredible. Lisa Cooke was very anointed on the keyboard and with her songs, and she ministered tremendously to us.

The Cookes spent several hours with my wife, Coni and I, pouring the anointing into us! Being around them was Heaven, and we are greatly encouraged. Our family, staff and congregation are blessed to have had such a couple as these in our midst. Grace deposits were received, and hope was renewed! May God bless Rev. Tony and Lisa Cooke and their children! We love’em!!

Pastor Billy Richard
Dream Center Ministries
Panama City Beach, Florida
June 2-5, 2002

Tony Cooke and his family held a four-day meeting for our church, Dream Center Ministries, in Panama City Beach Florida. Tony and Lisa blessed not only our church, but our entire community as well. We had people come from several areas of our county, and from several churches, and people’s lives were not only touched, but changed. The presence of God was obvious and the Word, as you might imagine, was rich and powerful.

Tony blessed the people and blessed my family and me. He is truly a jewel in the Body of Christ; Tony is a Pastor’s Pastor. I would highly recommend him to your church. I am already making plans to have Tony and his family back as soon as his schedule will permit. You will not find two people who are more real, anointed and gracious than Tony and Lisa Cooke.

Pastor Gary Hoffman Faith Fellowship
Rocky Mount, Virginia
May 19-22, 2002

I would like to take a moment to share about the wonderful meetings Rev. Tony Cooke recently did for us at Faith Fellowship. The integrity and anointing upon his life and ministry was demonstrated and evident at our church. Rev. Cooke shared the Word of God with the church for four consecutive services. They were all outstanding and his knowledge of the Word was such a blessing for our congregation. He was loved by all that attended.

Rev. Cooke also ministered at a joint service with seven other churches represented in the Roanoke area. There were several different denominations represented and he had such a well-balanced way of delivering the Word that would cross all religious barriers. The anointing was powerful.

Rev. Cooke also took time out of his day to meet with my entire staff so they could ask questions about the ministry and any others questions they may have. This was a tremendous opportunity for them to have someone with such experience and knowledge to sit down with them at a casual setting and ask questions. He was so willing to help in any way and even recommended different tools and material that may be of benefit. The staff was thrilled to have this opportunity with such a great man of God.

I, with a sincere heart, personally recommend his ministry to you. I know that individually you will be blessed, along with your congregation and staff.