2010 Pictorial Travelogue from Ukraine & Russia


The trip started in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Rick and Denise greeted the staff of Good News Church (Kiev), as well as the staff of Media Mir and the staff of the Good News Ministerial Association.


Tony and Lisa had the privilege of traveling to Ukraine and Russia (Kiev, Moscow, and St. Petersburg) from May 5-13, 2010 to minister with Pastors Rick and Denise Renner.


After Rick and Denise’s greeting, Tony shared with church and ministry leaders for around 90 minutes.


Saturday was a very special day as Pastor David Cheboterav was installed as the Senior Pastor of Good News Church Kiev. Tony had the privilege of preaching at this service.


The worship in Kiev was dynamic, heartfelt, and vibrant.


Pastors Rick and Denise Renner, who founded this church, greeted the people, as did their son, Paul.


During the service, one of the pastors in the city presented Pastor David (right) with a sword, symbolizing the Word of God. Several area pastors came to the service to help Good News Church celebrate the installation of their new pastor.


Not far from our hotel in Kiev was St. Andrew’s Cathedral. Tradition says that Andrew, one of the twelve original apostles preached the Gospel at a spot very close to this cathedral.


In the cathedral is a painting of Andrew bringing the Gospel to the area that is now Kiev in Ukraine.


We left Kiev on Saturday and flew to Moscow to be in the two services there on Sunday morning. Above the platform of the rented theater are symbols from the Soviet era.


It was wonderful to see the results of the Renners’ faithfulness over the years. Much fruit has come from the ministry of the Word of God in Moscow.


After preaching in Moscow, we flew to St. Petersburg and spent Monday evening with the leadership of Good News Church of St. Petersburg. This church is led by Pastor Dimitry Shartov.


Rick shared an outstanding message from 2 Timothy 1. The people received tremendously from his ministry.


After Rick shared with the leadership from 2 Timothy 1, Tony followed with a message from 2 Timothy 4.


In St. Petersburg, we visited St. Isaac’s Cathedral, one of the largest cathedrals in the world. The door are massive and ornately decorated.


The dome of St. Issac’s.


One of the mosaics in The Church of the Savior on Spilt Blood – notice the windows at the base of the cupola.


Another beautiful cathedral in St. Petersburg is The Church of the Savior on Spilt Blood. Inside, it is wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling mosaics.


This is Rembrandt’s painting of Abraham’s offering up of Isaac.


Lisa’s highlight in the Hermitage was seeing Rembrandt’s painting of the Prodigal Son.


There is a hallway in the Hermitage where Bible scenes are painted on the ceiling. As you enter the hallway, you see the story of creation, Adam and Eve, etc. As you walk further, you see the major stories of the Bible portrayed sequentially.


Another famous palace in St. Petersburg is the Hermitage.


After visiting St. Isaac’s, we went to the Catherine Palace. The Tsars of Russia lived in extreme opulence.


Another mosaic (this is just a very small part of it) shows a portrayal of the Ascension.


A mosaic in St. Isaac’s of Mary holding Jesus.


A huge painting of the Apostle Peter in St. Isaac’s – Peter is often portrayed holding a set of keys.


Rick and Denise in front of The Church of the Savior on Spilt Blood.


Tony and Lisa in front of The Church of the Savior on Spilt Blood.


We also visited the sea-side palace of Peter the Great. There are hundreds of fountains, and all of them were built without the use of pumps; they all work by gravity. The large fountain to the left portrays Samson killing the lion.


The domes of an Orthodox cathedral that is part of the palace complex on the Sea.