Highlights of Australia/Singapore Trip
October 18 – November 5, 2012

cook-camenetiTony and Lisa traveled to Brisbane, Australia, to minister for Tony and Patsy Cameneti and Rhema Singapore. After nearly 30 years in itinerant ministry and overseeing Bible Schools in Italy and Singapore, Tony and Patsy now serve as Senior Pastors of Rhema Family Church located in Slacks Creek just out of Brisbane. They are Directors of Rhema Bible Training Centre Australia and also serve as Directors of Rhema Australia and Rhema Family Churches Australia.

Tony taught a total of 25 times in Australia, with services at Rhema Family Church in Brisbane, as well as at Rhema Family Church in Toowoomba (Pastor David and Lyndall Chandler). In the training center, Tony focused on “The Ministry Gifts,” and also taught “Qualified” on the day when pastors and alumni attended.

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tony-lisa-kangaroos lisa-koala

Over the Timor Sea

Open the window wide to beautiful,
Look at wonder prepared for
the eye that chooses to see.

Ocean sparkle, a sunlit mirror
Reflecting dancing light
In deep water rhythm.

Horizon curve speaking grace
In the boundaries,
Word-fashioned by earth’s Creator.

Cloud-wrapped diversity,
Brooding in prism color
And wind-breathed form.

Islands raised to prominence
With majesty of mountain strength,
From humble coastline bowing low.

Sacred space through window view,
An invitation Creator-sent
Brings fellowship in beauty shared.

Lisa Cooke

2011separatorFrom Brisbane, it was on to Singapore.

cooks-purcellsChurch-wise in Singapore, we ministered at Lighthouse Evangelism (Pastor Rony Tan) and Petra Church (Pastor John Koe).

We then did a “Life in the Spirit” seminar for Rhema Singapore, hosted by Joe and Mary Purcell. The Purcells serve as Directors and as instructors at RHEMA Singapore, which now has extension campuses in Russia, East Malaysia and India, with more planned for India and the Philippines.

Not only did students attend this seminar, but alumni, local pastors, and potential Rhema students attended as well. Tony’s primary topic in this seminar was “The Letters to the Seven Churches” (Revelation 1-3). Tony taught 15 times on the Singapore portion of this trip.