Tony & Lisa’s 2011 Singapore/Indonesia Trip


Tony and Lisa were hosted by Joe and Mary Purcell, the directors of Rhema Singapore. Joe and Mary have an outstanding background and track record in ministry, having served the Lord since 1986 and having lived overseas since 1991.


Tony spent several hours throughout the week not only teaching the students of Rhema Singapore, but also Alumni and other visitors who attended the seminar. Tony taught on the topic of “Qualified,” which is also the subject of a new book he is writing.


After the week in Singapore, the Cookes and the Purcells traveled to Medan, Indonesia. Indonesia is the largest Muslim nation in the world, and Medan is the fourth largest city in Inonesia. They were hosted by Pastor Luke and Rose Aziz.


Tony preached three services at Gereja Bethel Indonesia. This is a church with 38-40,000 members that meets in 117 locations. The sanctuary Tony preached in holds around 2,500 people. The church had wonderful, powerful worship, and the Cookes really enjoyed their time with these very gracious believers.