In Search of Timothy by Tony Cooke

In Search of Timothy



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Discovering and Developing Greatness in Church Staff and Volunteers

You Can Be a Vital Asset to Your Pastor and Your Church!

You were created by God to make a significant impact in your local church. Pastors all over the world are looking for staff and volunteers who are willing to assist in the growth and advancement of the Kingdom of God. If you have a desire to be used by God and be highly profitable to your pastor, In Search of Timothy is for you!

Today’s pastor recognizes the great need for modern-day Timothys-men and women who have a heart for God, a passion for people, and a desire for excellence! When you volunteer to serve in your church or join a church staff, you have embraced an essential heavenly assignment.

This book is a MUST if you desire to maximize your personal performance and increase your effectiveness as a team player in your local church. In Search of Timothy will get you fired up, geared up, tuned up, and ready to make a meaningful contribution to the Kingdom of God!

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