LIFT: Experiencing the Elevated Life

Lift: Experiencing the Elevated Life



Product Description

If you ever suspected there was a far more enriching and meaningful life than what you’ve been experiencing, you’re 100% right. You were created for something greater, higher, and better than you’ve ever experienced. Yet most people live far below their God-given potential and purpose. There is an “upward call” that God has for you, and as you learn to connect with and cultivate that call, there is a lift, an upgrade, and an elevation that you experience. This book contains vital insights that will help you tap into the lift and exaltation that comes from God’s Word and God’s Spirit, enabling you to discover and fulfill the purpose that God has for your life. Lift will help you step away from the forces that want to drag you down, and step into the right-now resurrection power of God that will raise you up. Your life can move from ordinary to extraordinary, from natural to supernatural, from purposeless to purposeful as you experience and walk in the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.


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