"The Collection" USB Audio Drive by Tony Cooke

“The Collection” USB Audio Drive


This credit card-sized USB Drive is the complete collection of messages from Tony Cooke Ministries. It contains 125 audio messages (in MP3 format) — all the audio messages that TCM has released. The Collection provides the best value and will be a great addition to your audio teaching library. Excellent for importing teachings to your smart phone!

*Read the description for each audio series included in The Collection by collapsing the message title(s) below.


Product Description

5 messages

God’s Heart Concerning Marriage, Divorce, & Remarriage

Our passion should be to have the God-kind of marriage! A Spirit-led, love-dominated believer is not looking for an easy way out, but is searching for divine solutions to make marriage work. These messages present vital keys to help husbands and wives fulfill God’s original purpose for marriage.

But what do we do when God’s ideal was not realized in a marriage? Divorced people have often been treated as though they had committed the unpardonable sin. Some have been deeply wounded by their covenant partner, only to be doubly-wounded by a church that shames them and condemns remarriage.

This series explores what the Bible really teaches about marriage, divorce, and remarriage, and refutes widely held myths and traditions.

5 messages

Understanding the Book of Job

After listening to this audio series, you’ll never look at Job the same!

  • Who spent the overwhelming majority of his life in prosperity and blessing?
  • Who was highly successful in business and one of the wealthiest people in the world?
  • Who did God name as a prime example of righteousness?
  • Who received healing from God and had his immense fortunes restored?
  • Who lived to an old age, enjoying life to the fullest?

Most people probably wouldn’t name the biblical character Job as the answer to these questions, because they have only heard about Job’s tragedy and suffering.

In this series, Tony Cooke shares the truth about the one who has been mistakenly called “poor old Job.” This practical and easy-to-understand teaching will answer many of the questions you’ve had concerning Job and the subject of suffering.

4 messages

The Grace of God

Grace has been defined as the most significant word in the Bible, and yet so many believers have a shallow understanding of this vital truth.

John Newton had a revelation of “Amazing Grace,” and Dietrich Bonhoffer admonished us to avoid “Cheap Grace.” Grace is never divine permission to do what is wrong, but it is the impartation of the divine ability to do what is right! The Apostle Paul said that receiving “the abundance of grace” would cause us to reign in life through Christ Jesus.

In this series, you will learn about the manifold grace of God, God’s grace in its various forms and expressions: saving grace, standing grace, sanctifying grace, sharing grace, and serving grace.

4 messages

The Wonderful Nature of God

Nothing compares to knowing God. Without a correct understanding of Gods true nature, you cannot relate to Him properly, pray effectively, or walk victoriously through life. The four messages in this series include:

1. What God is Not – As you discover what God is not, you will gain a greater realization and sharper knowledge of who God is.

2. Are You Serving a Shepherd or a Taskmaster? – The Taskmaster Syndrome is Satan’s counterfeit to God’s true nature. You don’t need to feel frantic, inferior, or fearful in your relationship with God. When the Lord is your Shepherd, you’ll know true peace.

3. The Happy God – Discover the God in whose presence there is fullness of joy. Get to know the God who celebrates and sings over His children.

4. How Big is Your God? – Step into the expanses of God’s creation and explore God’s fingerprints and footprints. When you see how big God’s creation is, and how much detail He gave to the smallest details, you’ll know that no problem you face is too big or too small for Him.

Discover what it means to live refreshed, liberated, and energized by God’s true nature!

3 messages

Words of Comfort, Hope, & Peace

The book, Life After Death – Rediscovering Life After the Loss of a Loved One, has brought help and comfort to thousands of readers. Not only has this book encouraged those grieving the loss of a loved one, but it has also helped believers recognize their own glorious destiny and to stand in awe of the heaven that awaits us.

In this 3-part audio series, the author reads three of the most powerful chapters:

  • Freedom from the Fear of Death
  • Heaven: The Believer’s Hope
  • Scriptures of Comfort and Strength

As you listen to the reading of these chapters, we believe that the comfort of the Holy Spirit will touch your life, your faith will grow, and your hope will abound.

2 messages

For Men Only: Taking Your Place as a Man of God

No description available.

4 messages

Keys to Studying and Interpreting the Bible

Learn the Rules! Get the Tools!

There are rules of Bible interpretation that every Christian should know. There are tools that will help you avoid error and stay in the truth.

God said His people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. Jesus said that the traditions of men make the Word of God of no effect. Peter said that some people twist the Scriptures to their own destruction.

In this series:

  • You will learn that the Word of God is precious, powerful, permanent, and personal.
  • You will be introduced to basic rules of Bible interpretation.
  • You will learn valuable skills that will help you study and understand God’s Word properly.

The Bible is God’s love letter to us and He wants us to understand it. He wants us to know His mind, His will, and His heart. It is the truth of God’s Word that sets us free!

4 messages

Knowing and Following the Will of God for Your Life

Stop Wandering and Wondering!

Do you feel as though you are wandering around in life, wondering if you can truly know the will of God concerning you? Jesus said that His sheep know His voice, so you can be confident in knowing and following His plan for your life!

  • How do you know what the will of God really is?
  • How does the Spirit of God lead a believer?
  • How do you make decisions when the Bible offers no specific guidance?
  • What about voices, visions, and angels?
  • What part should common sense play in decision-making?
  • Should you listen when other people offer counsel?
  • How can you know that the plans and purposes of God are genuinely governing your life?
  • What is the balance between supernatural and natural considerations when it comes to divine guidance?

Discover the answers to these questions and more in Tony Cooke’s four-audiotape series “Knowing and Following the Will of God for Your Life.”

2 messages

A Place Called Jehovah Jireh

People often think of God as Jehovah Jireh (The Lord Will Provide), and certainly He is, but Abraham “called the name of that PLACE Jehovah Jireh” (Genesis 22:14).

Where was that place?  It was the place where God told him to go—it was a place of obedience and consecration. That’s where the Lord’s provision was for Abraham, and that’s where the Lord’s provision is for us today.

God’s provision in Abraham’s life didn’t simply bless him, but it brought blessing to his descendants and to all the nations of the earth. God wants us to follow in the footsteps of faithful Abraham, the father of our faith, and be in the right place also. This series will help you get to your Jehovah Jireh place.

2 messages

The Unlimited Depths of Worship
by Lisa Cooke

Going deeper in worship results from a decision we make. It’s our response to what the Holy Spirit reveals concerning the Father, His Son, and His eternal plan. We decide how much of our heart we want to give Him. We decide how much we want to see and know of Him. We hold in the power of our will the  length, breadth, height and depth of our worship of God. Will we go deeper, or will we stay in the shallows?

In these two message recorded at a ladies conference, Lisa shares how we can deepen our worship experience. “When you truly worship, you’ll find yourself coming into His presence. When you find yourself in His presence, you can’t help but worship.

2 messages

Moving Beyond Hindrances: Overcoming the Storms of Life

We all want a trouble-free life! But the reality is, we live in a troubled world, and we do have an adversary! Successful people are not those who have never faced problems, but those who have learned to overcome them. Moving Beyond Hindrances examines the obstacles and challenges that attempt to keep believers from realizing their destiny. Tony identifies the three types of storms believers face:

  • The storm of Jonah (involving personal disobedience)
  • The storm of the disciples (Mark 4 – that which comes in the face of obedience)
  • Paul’s storm (Acts 27 – that which comes because of the disobedience of others)

Strategies are also presented for how to overcome each of these storms and make it successfully to the other side. You’ll be encouraged to walk in the wisdom of God as you move to the place that Proverbs 4:12 describes: When you walk, your steps will not be hindered, and when you run, you will not stumble.

2 messages

Edna and Cindy’s Big Fight

“I’ve got one nerve left, and you’re on it.” Have you ever been tempted to wear that T-shirt? Two leaders in the Philippian church, Euodia and Syntyche (we’ve nicknamed them Edna and Cindy), had gotten on each others nerves, and the strife between them seems to have been threatening the unity of the entire church. Paul knew that such discord often spreads to others, so he not only addressed these two ladies, but he gave powerful instructions to the rest of the church to enable them to walk free from offense—direct or borrowed. These lessons instruct believers how to walk in peace and how to be a part of the solution—not part of the problem—when conflicts arise.

2 messages

The Infilling of the Holy Spirit: Ten Things Every Believer Needs to Know

Jesus did not suggest that His followers receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit. He “commanded His disciples not to depart Jerusalem, but to wait for the Promise of the Father,” and He said, “…you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now” (Acts 1:4-5).

In these two messages, you will discover:

  • Every believer today has the privilege and responsibility of being filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • There is a difference between being born of the Spirit and being filled with the Spirit.
  • There are different levels of relationship that believers have with the Holy Spirit—with, in, and upon.
  • Peter clearly taught that the infilling of the Holy Spirit was for believers of all generations, including today.
  • Why the argument that “tongues shall cease” does not invalidate the reality of speaking in tongues today.
  • The specific purpose of being baptized with the Holy Spirit.
  • How we know that speaking in tongues is the initial, physical evidence of being filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • This biblical experience is described by numerous terms in the New Testament.
  • Why believers need periodic renewals and re-fillings of the Holy Spirit.

9 messages

The Letters to the Seven Churches
A Study of Revelation 1-3

Recorded in England at a multi-national Bible School, this series doesn’t just deal with the past, but reveals Jesus’ attitude and expectations toward leaders and congregations today!

In these nine sessions, you’ll discover:

  • What three core values did Jesus express to every local church?
  • What does it mean for a church to lose its lampstand?
  • What doctrine and works did Jesus say he hated?
  • What was Jesus’ attitude and counsel toward a small congregationWhat warning did Jesus give to a mega-church of the first century?
  • For what specific reasons was the early church persecuted?
  • Why did Jesus refer to a “synagogue of Satan?”
  • How did pagan culture affect believers in the first century?
  • What was “Satan’s throne” in Pergamos?
  • How did the perception of the Lord’s soon return influence early believers?

Using relevant historical, cultural, and political background information, Tony expounds upon and provides insights regarding the seven letters as those local churches would have understood them then—perspectives that are unknown by many today.

6 messages

Ministry Killers You Must Conquer

Ever walked through a mine field?

Why is it that the ministry seems to have such a high casualty rate? It is estimated that for every ten young men who graduate from Bible School or Seminary and enter ministry, that only one of them will still be in ministry when they reach retirement age.

In this series, Tony shares about six major areas where the enemy works to destroy ministers or greatly impair their effectiveness:

  • The GOLD (dealing with money)
  • The GIRLS (dealing with the opposite sex)
  • The GLORY (dealing with pride)
  • The GRIND (dealing with burnout)
  • The GRINCHES (dealing with difficult people)
  • The GOOFINESS (dealing with false doctrines, extremes, and imbalances)

If you are serious about finishing your course with joy, you need to be equipped with the knowledge that is found in “Ministry Killers You Must Conquer.”

5 messages

One on One
The Power and Principles of Personal Ministry

Have you ever wanted to help someone, but felt inadequate?

You need more than a great heart to help people-you need wisdom, knowledge, and skill. In this 5-part audio series you will learn:

  • How to help people in crisis.
  • The traits of successful spiritual care-givers.
  • The 4DP approach to providing godly counsel.
  • How to be an effective listener.
  • How to be an effective communicator.
  • How to avoid unhealthy dependencies in personal ministry.
  • The do’s and don’ts in providing spiritual counsel to others.
  • Twenty things every pastor (and believer) needs to know about providing spiritual guidance.

The principles conveyed in these lessons are valuable and vital whether you are in the five-fold ministry or are a lay-person in the church. Your usefulness to the Lord will increase as you learn how to convey God’s care and compassion to people in need!

4 messages

In Search of Timothy
Discovering and Developing Greatness in Church Staff and Volunteers

You Can Be a Vital Asset to Your Pastor and Your Church!

You were created by God to make a significant impact in your local church. Pastors all over the world are looking for staff and volunteers who are willing to assist in the growth and advancement of the Kingdom of God. If you have a desire to be used by God and be highly profitable to your pastor, In Search of Timothy is for you!

Today’s pastor recognizes the great need for modern-day Timothys—men and women who have a heart for God, a passion for people, and a desire for excellence! When you volunteer to serve in your church or join a church staff, you have embraced an essential heavenly assignment.

This series is a MUST if you desire to maximize your personal performance and increase your effectiveness as a team player in your local church. In Search of Timothy will get you fired up, geared up, tuned up, and ready to make a meaningful contribution to the Kingdom of God!

3 messages

Building God’s Dream Team

The term “Dream Team” reminds many of the 1992 U.S. Olympic Basketball Team that included such legends as Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan. But God has been building His own Dream Team for centuries, and He desires to have a Dream Team functioning in every local church. These three messages utilize numerous sports stories, illustrations, and quotes to convey vital biblical principles of teamwork to help turn church leaders and workers into true champions!

3 messages

Teamwork in Ministry
You Can’t Do This Job Alone!

Have you found your place in the Body of Christ? Are you functioning in it? Teamwork among believers is essential if we are going to fulfill our divine destiny!  In these four lessons, Tony Cooke not only teaches about teamwork, but also shares concerning:

  • Excellence in Ministry
  • People Skills
  • Servanthood
  • Attitude in Ministry
  • Managing Relationships

Your contribution to the Body of Christ will increase dramatically as you learn how to work more effectively with others in serving the purpose of God.

10 messages

The Nuts and Bolts of Ministry
Behind-the-Scenes-Information You Need to Know

It would be great if all we had to do in ministry was to study, pray, and preach! But there is a business side of ministry that is also important, and it’s vital that we have input from people with expertise in a variety of areas. “The Nuts & Bolts of Ministry” is a series of 10 interviews with people possessing such expertise in a wide variety of areas.

  • Richard and Cara Locke (CPAs) talk about Church and Ministry Accounting Issues
  • Insurance Agent Doug Scott shares about Insurance Issues for Churches and Ministers
  • Attorney Dan Beirute shares about Hiring, Firing, and Other Personnel Issues
  • Tim Peterson, a professional counselor, discusses What Pastors Need to Know About Mental Health Issues
  • Church Construction Manager Charlie Daniels shares about What Pastors Need to Know Before They Build
  • Mike Mazzei, a Certified Financial Planner, shares concerning Planning for Your Financial Future
  • Attorney Tom Winters shares about Organizing and Maintaining a Tax-Exempt Organization, Church Liability Issues 1 & 2, and Pastoral

6 messages

Essentials for Effective Pastoral Leadership

It’s Time to Thrive! Five seasoned pastors and a physician share insights that will help ministers thrive, both inwardly and outwardly. These interviews are designed with you, the minister, in mind. In them, you will find vital, life-giving, and empowering information. Topics and guests include:

  • Stress, Your Health, and Your Doctor – Dr. Mitch Duininck (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
  • The Church that Impacts Society – Pastor John Carter (Syracuse, New York)
  • Emerging Leaders – Pastor Dave Williams (Lansing, Michigan)
  • How to Give Aggressive Altar Calls – Pastor Jim Cobrae (San Bernardino, California)
  • Supernatural Pastoring – Pastor Reggie Scarborough (Lakeland, Florida)
  • Insights Regarding Prophecy in the Local Church – Pastor Bob Yandian (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

The wisdom these men share will advance you both personally and ministerially. Listen, and prepare to grow!

3 messages

Sexual Sanity and Healthy Relationships
Practical Insights Concerning Moral Purity and Relational Integrity

God Offers Prevention and Restoration! Dr. Dale Doty is a seasoned professional Christian counselor with extensive experience and rich insights. A co-founder of Christian Family Institute in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Dr. Doty has been helping families, couples, and individuals in a professional capacity since 1977. In this series of interviews, Dr. Doty addresses three crucial topics:

  • Maintaining Sexual Sanity in a Sex-Crazed World
  • Building an Affair-Proof Marriage
  • Restoring Damaged Relationships

Not only is this information helpful for individuals and couple in dealing with life’s challenges, but this series is also a valuable equipping resource for ministers and counselors.

2 messages

Why Giving Stops
Overcoming Cirrhosis of the Giver

Cirrhosis of the Liver is a disease in which normal cells are replaced by scar tissue. This condition results in the failure of the liver to perform many of its normal functions. Cirrhosis of the Giver occurs when believers cease to function (or never have functioned) in the stewardship of generosity that God ordained for them to walk in.

These two messages are from a meeting in which Tony taught a group of pastors about the state of stewardship in the Church. In these lessons, he explores seven reasons why believers are giving far less to the work of God than they should, and what can be done to correct the situation. This really isn’t exclusively a message about money; it’s about the heart and soul of the Church; it’s about our priorities and the mission that God has given us.

21 messages

Single Lessons and Interviews

  • Freedom from Fear
  • I Am, I Have, I Can
  • Learning to Forget
  • Managing Marital Differences
  • Money Intelligence: Wisely Managing the 90% (Gene Dillard)
  • Offense: The Seed of Separation
  • The Power of Talking to Yourself
  • What About Paul’s Thorn?
  • Winning the War Within
  • Avoiding the Sting of “Christian” Con Men (Jim Guinn)
  • Becoming a “Go-and-Do” Church (Pastor Ed Russo)
  • Bouncing Back – Keys to Recovering from Mistakes (Rick Renner)
  • Compliance Issues for Churches and Ministers (Dan Beirute and Richard Locke)
  • Endurance in the Ministry – Avoiding Burnout
  • Enhancing Creativity in Pulpit Communication (Pastor Dennis Cummins)
  • Evangelism and Community Impact (Pastor Doug Bird)
  • How to Give Effective Altar Calls (Pastor Dave Williams)
  • Listening Skills for Leaders
  • Relevance without Compromise
  • Walking Through a Church Crisis (Pastor Bob Yandian and Michael King)
  • What About Him?


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