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A Bible School in the Church?

I’ve been contemplating offering our church people something more in-depth teaching-wise than what they can receive in regular services or periodic small group settings. I know that some churches offer a lay-Bible school, and some even offer certain college or university classes. What are the pros and cons of some of these types of approaches? What has worked well and what seems to be most effective in providing interested church members with more in-depth teaching and training? Read the responses


October Video Greeting

Enjoy this brief video update of what’s been happening with Tony Cooke Ministries. You can also read the report here.

October 2016 Video Greeting


Emerging Heroes
Tony Cooke

Emerging Heroes by Tony CookeA. B. Simpson, the founder of the Christian Missionary Alliance. He said, “God is preparing his heroes; and when the opportunity comes, he can fit them into their places in a moment, and the world will wonder where they came from.” Something stirred in my heart when I read this, and I began to think about all of the people over the years that I have seen brought off the bench, so to speak, and put into the game. We could discuss dozens of biblical characters that God seemingly brought out of nowhere and gave them a purpose and a platform, but what I’m concerned about today is not the ones who have been used historically, but the ones that are yet to be identified—the ones who are yet to hear and heed the call. In writing of this, I am not dismissing or diminishing the necessity of preparation, training, and faithfulness, but I am drawing attention to the fact that God often calls not only the unsuspecting, but sometimes he calls those others would not consider to be qualified. Let me share the tale of two leaders… Read this article by Tony Cooke


The Greatness Temptation
Lisa Cooke

The Greatness Temptation by Lisa CookeGreatness. The internal itch to amount to something in life. I would guess practically every human being has this deep desire to be known for some type of accomplishment or skill, or natural beauty. We admire those who have achieved greatness in some form in this world and will often find ourselves comparing our lives with these success stories. The resulting analysis may leave us with a depressing sense of worthlessness that is self-defeating and misleading. Or it can go the opposite way and we end up thinking we’re better than everyone else. We were never meant to compare ourselves with others and we make a big mistake when we allow our thoughts to travel down those roads of judgment. It’s funny how we don’t admire the image of ourselves as being a servant. We seem to look for every other way to become great, yet the Bible plainly tells us in Matthew 20:26 “…but whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant.” Read this article by Lisa Cooke


Sermon Video from Tony: What We Do Matters to God

Tony recently preached for Pastor Sam Smucker at the Worship Center in Lancaster, PA. Because it was Labor Day weekend, Pastor Sam asked Tony to consider speaking on the topic of the significance and value of the work people do. How God sees our work is one of the major themes of Tony’s Book, The Work Book: What We Do Matters to God, and Tony shared some of those thoughts. Watch the video

What We Do Matters to God by Tony Cooke


Straight Talk to Leaders: What We Wish We Had Known When We Started
Sam Smucker

Straight Talk to Leaders by Sam SmuckerOne of the responsibilities of a leader is to keep the vision in front of the people. When the vision is clear and easy to follow much can be accomplished for the Kingdom of God. So the vision must be talked about on an ongoing basis. Throughout years of pastoring, I have learned whenever I get tired of promoting the vision is when most of the hearers only begin to understand it. Therefore promoting vision is ongoing and should never stop. The last church facility we built took us ten years from planning until the time we moved in. Sometimes it became difficult to keep the vision fresh and clear. Those are the times a leader must dig deep to hear from the Holy Spirit for inspiration to share the vision one more time. Read this article by Sam Smucker


Understanding the Tenses of Scripture
Tim Davidson

This video is Part One of a teaching by Tim Davidson called, “Understanding the Tenses of Scripture,” and is an interesting look at a little discussed subject. Tim currently has five video series available on such subjects as prayer, righteousness, and faith. These lessons are all free of charge and have all been designed for personal study, small groups or Bible studies (a free study guide is also available), and are available by visiting Pastor Tim’s website.

Understanding the Tenses of Scripture by Tim Davidson


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– Richard Blackaby

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– George Bernard Shaw

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– A.W. Tozer

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– Dean Brown

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– Charles H. Spurgeon